Maundy Thursday till Easter

Maundy Thursday 13th April

12 noon Stations of the Cross (12-14)

7.30 pm Informal Eucharist—we remember Jesus washing his disciples feet, and his gift of himself to us in bread & wine on the night of the Last Supper.  At the end of the service, around 8.30 pm, there is a time of silent prayer —”The Watch” – when we recall Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane.   You are welcome to stay as short or long a time as you wish up till 10 pm


Good Friday 14th April

9.30 am—11 am Children’s “Way of the Cross” and Easter Gardens

10 am United Service at Central Methodist Church

11 am March of Witness through the town—ending at the Buttercross this year

2 pm—3 pm  “The Last Hour” at St Andrew’s


Sunday 16th April—Easter Day

8 am Holy Communion

10 am Festival Eucharist and the New Fire of Easter

6.30 pm Taizé Service


St Nicholas, Tytherton Lucas


Good Friday 14th April – 12 – 1 pm  Good Friday Service

Easter Day Sunday 16th April—10am Holy Communion

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  1. I did enjoy my first service at St Andrews, thank you for listening to me, my plan; for using a icon on a computer for a donation of 20p to go straight to a Foundation. with the aim of financing in 4 perhaps 5 different directions.. one of them being the Social Services;. I rather put you on the spot, as I did Ruth behind the tea table. IS there any way you could contact her for me, and apologise, she didnt have a chance. Out of interest Keith was telling me all about his move to Wlitshire and future pension so its on everyone’s minds if they have one or not, or what age it starts.
    Forgive me anyway as you were busy, but can we talk when you return. I do want to get an idea of what people think and where the funds should be directed, once the the creation got going. IE future basic Natl Insurance.

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