Taizé Evening Worship

Our next service of music, reflection and silence using chants from the Taizé Community in France, will be on Sunday 4th February. We meet from 6pm for a run-through of the music, with worship beginning at 6.30pm and ending around 7.30. Everyone is welcome to this informal and peaceful service.

Sunday Worship

1st Sunday:                                                                                                                                      8am Said Eucharist – Traditional Language                                                                  10am: All Age Eucharist with Baptism                                                             2nd Sunday:                                                                                                                                    8am Said Eucharist – Traditional Language                                                                 10am Parish Eucharist –  with Sunday Club                                                                   4pm: Andy’s@4 – for families with younger children                               3rd Sunday:                                                                                                                                   8am: Said Eucharist – Traditional Language                                                           10am  Family Worship followed by coffee,
then shortened Eucharist at 11.15am
                                                                                   6.30pm: Evening Worship – alternating between                                    Evensong, Healing and Celtic services                                                             4th Sunday:                                                                                                                                    8am Said Eucharist – Traditional Language                                                                 10am Parish Eucharist –  with Sunday Club                                                                       including the opportunity for prayer                                                                                    and laying-on-of-hands for healing                                                                  5th Sunday:                                                                                                                                   8am: Said Eucharist – Traditional Language                                                                          10am: All Age Eucharist

Lighting a Candle in Church

Praying with candleOn the right side of church, near the font, you’ll find a stand where you can light a candle – and a card for you to take home – as well as a notebook where you can write down anything or anyone you would like us to pray for.

Often when we pray, it isn’t easy to find words. You may want to say thank you to God, or ask him to be close to someone in need. You may be remembering someone who has died and want to express love, thankfulness and heartache all at the same time. But God always hears what our heart is praying, even when we can’t express it. Lighting a candle can be a prayer without words. Just being still and  holding someone in your heart is enough. When you go home, remember the light of your candle still shining and your prayer which stays as a light in God’s heart even when every other light fails.

“Lord Jesus, let your light of love shine on me today and on everyone I have been praying for. You shared our earthly life and you know and share our every joy and sorrow. Help me to see you more clearly, love you more dearly, follow you more nearly today and every day. Amen”

The Church is Open

We’re delighted to say that our church building is open from Morning Prayer at 8.30 am till about 5 pm each day. We’ve had to install CCTV for security, but this now allows us to be open for visitors and pilgrims who value a time of quiet, reflection or prayer at all times of the week.

We’ve been open each day for over a year now and are pleased to report that we’ve had not one single problem – and that every visitor has valued our beautiful building and treated it with respect.

The more people who come in and out of the building, the safer it will continue to be.

It’s your church – do make use of it!